About the Catalyst Pedal

We believe the Catalyst Pedal to be the best performing, most comfortable bike pedal – no matter what type of riding you do…

This is the first pedal design which looks first, at how the foot and lower leg optimally move & then applies that insight to the bike. The result is a patent pending design which gives you the power of clipless pedals with the fun and freedom of flats – with a comfort that no other pedal can match

I’m So Confident That You’ll Love The Catalyst Pedal That I’ll Back It Up With A Full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Spend a few weeks on them, try your regular pedals again and then decide if they are right for you. If you don’t notice an increase in stability, comfort and power then send them back and I’ll give you your money back…let’s see any other pedal company make a promise like that.

So if you are looking for a better way to pedal your bike…one that works with your body’s natural ways of moving instead of forcing old, outdated theories about the pedal stroke on us…then start your journey to a better ride by clicking on the Shop Now button below and getting the one and only Catalyst Pedal.


The Catalyst story…..

The pedal was devised and developed by US based fitness coach James Wilson, He concluded after hours of lifting weights in the gym, that the foot arch is one of the strongest forms in nature, once you support it at both ends, either flat on the ground or on a platform. This then brings into play the stongest muscles in the lower body – the hips.

Almost all pedal designs assume the need to push through on the ball of the foot. The reality is, that pushing through on the balls of the foot occurs when required to break contact with what it is on - like jumping, walking or running. However, when riding the bike, the foot stays in contact with the pedal throughout the stroke. In this case it’s more like a squat or deadlift in the gym with both ends of the foot supported to drive through a strong, stable foot. 


The research….

In their 2007 Journal of Biomechanics, JR Van Sickle Jr & ML Hull, concluded there was no difference in power or economy between the ball of the foot and the mid foot position. It did, however, show how that power was produced. It found that driving through the ball of the foot put more stress on the calf muscles & Achilles tendon, whilst the mid foot placement fed that stress to the more powerful hips.

In their 2011 publication Medicine & Science Sports & Exercise, Elmer, Barratt, Korff & Martin , concluded that the hips and not the quads were shown to be the major drivers of the pedal stroke.

So, taken together, this all points to a pedaling platform that optimizes the mid foot placement to best recruit the hips which are the main muscles used to power the pedal stroke.


How it works….

By providing a platform which lets the rider support both ends of the foot, the Catalyst Pedal supports the foot in the same way that the ground would, allowing for a more balanced, stable foot position and increased power transfer to the drivetrain.

The Catalyst features a full 128mm of contact space for the foot. This allows the pedal body to support both the ball of the foot and the heel whilst also resulting in a true mid foot placement of the axle.

However, at 95mm, the Catalyst is no wider than a normal flat pedal. This means it disappears under the foot and does not expose any extra pedal body to rock strikes. This also means the Catalyst Pedal is actually smaller underfoot than any other ‘oversized’ flat pedal.  

To get the most out of the Catalyst just make sure the axle is in the middle of the arch.

The Summary…..

This foot placement improves pedaling in three ways…

  • POWER: By supporting both ends of the arch of the foot, the arch itself is supported, eliminating any flex in the arch. This improves power transfer since the pedal body is far stiffer than the stiffest soled shoes.
  • EFFICIENCY: The mid foot placement of the axle balances the foot , which takes the stress of the ankle joint allowing for better recruitment of the hips, the major muscles used in pedaling.
  • COMFORT & STABILITY: The more balanced foot position achieved from this pedal design will result in a more balanced application of force into the pedals.

The Catalyst pedal is the only one that considers first how the foot & lower leg optimally move and then applies that insight to the bike           

Make sure that axle is in the middle of your arch: 


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